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Bachelor in data science by design

Data is the digital gold of the 21st century. Their collection, structuring, analysis, exploitation and representation are the conditions for a better life, a better society and a better planet.

This requires combining scientific knowledge and design methods in order to put them at the service of each and every one of us.

Training global designers

By CY Tech

A CY Tech/Cy school of design bacheloR

The international Bachelor's degree "Data Sciences by Design" welcomes students from all over the world to become Data Scientists capable of putting their science at the service of successful life experiments.

Conceived with CY School of Design, the programme combines hard sciences, computer science, human sciences and design to build up a know-how and a sense of being at the service of all producers and beneficiaries of data.

Classes are given in English

bachelor data science by design
Ain international journey

an international journey

Choosing the Bachelor "Data Science by Design" is the assurance of an international academic experience, which will take you to one of the most innovative countries on the planet: Singapore.

The programme includes a minimum of one year spent in the Smart City of South-East Asia, in order to be confronted with cultural diversity but also with the concentration of high technologies, challenges, situations and activities that the city-state represents. The programmes are identical, whether they are delivered in France or in Singapore.

bachelor international
Drom Data to Meaning

from data to meaning

Data are everywhere!
Data science applies to many fields such as social networks, health, education, mobility, smart cities, urban planning, manufacturing, food and agriculture, finance or physics. Problems and opportunities are everywhere, and they need to be both identified and solved.

Data are complex!
Becoming a Data Scientist and being able to unleash the power of data means investing deeply in important areas such as artificial intelligence, Deep Learning, statistics and programming. But it also means projecting oneself into more prospective subjects such as quantum computing. 

design et data
From Meaning to Experiences

from meaning to experience

But data is nothing if it is not used to benefit our lives, whether in pleasant or difficult situations, in hospitals or schools, at concerts or at work, in our smart cars or in public spaces.

This is where we must apply the design methodology to identify problems, observe situations, imagine all possible solutions, shape them and deliver them.
Design applies to strategies, organisations, systems, services, interfaces) and objects.

Human-centred design thinking contributes to creating successful life experiences.

bachelor data science by design
A project based pedagogy

a project based pedagogy

In the International Bachelor's degree "Datascience by Design", you will always learn by doing, through projects always associated with a challenge, a field, and often a company.
All these projects motivate the acquisition of fundamental scientific knowledge, but also of knowledge from the human and social sciences.

They are also the place where the design methodology is implemented, which then gives meaning to all this knowledge by creating the condition for strong and creative commitments.

The link between concepts and life is the condition for growing as a professional and as a human being.

bachelor data science by design
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