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Project Manager Digital Strategy, Artificial Intelligence and Design


Global Designer

The marriage
of A.I.
and Design

Are you interested in the fascinating possibilities of Artificial Intelligence?

Do you want to put it at the service of human organisations and all their stakeholders?

Do you want a job that reinvents itself every year, at the rhythm of technological innovations?

This Bachelor's degree is for you.

Training global designers

2 major schools

A partnership between 2 major schools

This Bachelor "Digital Strategy, AI and Design" offered by two CY Alliance member schools, allows you to obtain a high level of expertise in AI thanks to their academic excellence.

ESIEE-IT: the new generation engineering school

ESIEE-IT, the school of digital expertise, is both an engineering school (CTI accredited) and a school offering Expert programmes, created to meet the digital challenges of companies.

ESIEE-IT offers a wide range of high-level work-study courses from Post-Bac to Bac+5 on 4 campuses: in Pontoise (95), in Cergy (95), in Montigny-le-Bretonneux (78) and in Paris Porte de Champerret (75).

ESIEE-Tech brings together the Expert programmes of ESIEE-IT and is based on 4 areas: computer science, robotics-electronics, Smart & Green Building and digital transformation. ESIEE-IT is also home to the Coding Factory, a computer code school. This school belongs to the CCI Paris Ile de France Education group.

CY School of Design: from matter to decision

By mixing culture, human sciences, representation techniques and business knowledge, CY école de design trains global designers who contribute to creating the conditions for a successful life experience for everyone.

From matter to decision, CY School of Design provides the skills of reflection and critical action in the design of strategies, organisations, systems, services, interfaces and objects.

This is what makes this Bachelor's degree unique: the marriage between AI and design.

Pour le meilleur

AI for the better

Born over 65 years ago, Artificial Intelligence is now a part of our lives.

The reason is simple: we have as much power in our pockets as the supercomputers of 20 years ago, we each produce thousands of pieces of data a day and we are all connected to a global network.

Artificial intelligence feeds on this data, and is invited into Apps that cover the least of our needs as much as create them. Because we must be attentive to the needs, projects, intimacy and rights of each person, it is necessary to master this technology to benefit from its immense advantages.

Global Designer

At the service of companies

It is impossible today to create and run a company without a culture and a strategic approach to digital technology, whether it be to control its processes, manage its supplier relations, manage and train its employees, design its offers and deliver them, or ensure the satisfaction of all its customers in near real time.

In a competitive and open world, it is the companies that have the best organisations, make the best decisions and deliver the best products and services that will prevail in their market.

Artificial intelligence is one of the key levers.

In 5 years

Respecting people and the planet

Like all technologies, AI must be at the service of human beings and their projects, in a protected environment. As history shows, humanity has reached a stage of development that requires it to act responsibly.

Our lives deserve it, in all their dimensions: our rights, our leisure, our culture, our work, our social relations, our intimacy. Artificial intelligence is becoming Augmented Intelligence,
serving our needs, whether we are professionals, citizens or individuals.

formation designer global
Year 1 to 3

Thanks to the design

Popularised by the great IDEO agency, in the simplified form of Design Thinking, design is a multidisciplinary, human-centred approach increasingly used by companies.

Through their ability to question, observe, problematise, model, develop and deliver in a creative manner, designers are able to tackle all life situations and all problems.

As a creator of solutions, of value as well as of links, design brings together talents to put them at the service of the great human project.

formation designer
ar 4 to 5

A hybrid pedagogy, a university degree

The advantages of the course
  • Active teaching via project-based learning

  • Teaching in serious games mode


  • An entrepreneurial approach

  • Training based on "Learning by doing

  • The advantages of work-linked training

  • Personalised support in finding a company (seminar, coaching, etc.)

  • A network of more than 800 partner companies

  • Digital strategy project manager

  • AI Development Project Manager

  • Project Management Assistant (PMA)

  • AI Consultant AI Marketing Project Manager

  • AI recruitment manager

Further study
  • ESIEE-Tech Business EXPERT Programme

  • Analyst (BAC+5), options : Information Systems Performance (ISP) or Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS)

  • Project-based teaching

  • 3rd year of work-study: Apprenticeship or professionalization contract
    1 week at school / 2 weeks in the company

How to apply?
  • Hold a general or technological baccalauréat (STI2D)

  • Eligibility based on application file and motivation interview

  • Apply online at

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