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Training global designers




Design is everywhere

By choosing "Design your life" as its base line, CY Cergy Paris University is asserting its desire to bring the power of design to all its students in all its territories.

In addition to thedesigners, it will also train the engineers and the managers of all transitions, in France and soon internationally.

global designer

The world needs more and more designers to meet the great challenges of the century.

Sharp, attentive, caring designers with a mastery of the knowledge, methods and tools specific to design.

Cultivated, committed, thinkers and doers, they are capable of taking an interest in absolutely all situations of human life and making them more accurate and more beautiful.

This is the promise of CY design school.

formation designer
Global Designer

digital engineer-designer


Digital technology has taken a gigantic place in our lives, whether in our professional, public or private lives. Not a moment goes by when we don't enjoy or are subjected to digitised services, objects and environments.

AI, robotics, social networks, applications, big data: how can we make sure that its complex knowledge is put at the service of successful human experiences?

This is the purpose of this double degree designed with the Engineering school CY Tech.

formation design
Innovation & Design

Specialized Master®
in "Digital innovation & Design

Certified by the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles, the MS "Digital Innovation & Design" trains innovative digital project managers in one year by providing them with the knowledge, methods, tools and practices of design.

Through a very complete programme that combines general culture, design, manufacturing techniques, human sciences, management and a large number of projects, the programme is a truly comprehensive course that trains the experts that the market is impatiently waiting for

Economy/Mngt & Design

Executive education :
Manager by design

Management in the 21st century requires qualities of empathy, reading complexity, pedagogy, creativity, problem solving, communication, all the more necessary as all human organisations need to rethink themselves to face the challenges of transition without giving up their objectives and missions.

These qualities are at the heart of design, and it is the purpose of our Executive training courses to transmit them through innovative and situated pedagogies?

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