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In order to prepare future professionals to enter the workforce 5 years after they start school, we are always attentive to the evolution of the world, society, culture and science. To do this, we have set up enlightened governance bodies that are always connected to reality.

an Experienced management


CY school of design is directed by Dominique Sciamma, who has been involved in design education for more than 22 years.

A nationally recognised figure in the design ecosystem, through his actions, writings and speeches, he is the promoter of a design committed to the general interest, and who knows that transformation requires professional involvement in corporations, public services, local authorities, etc.

ecole de design

The Professional Council

Conseil professionnel

The Professional Council is made up of men and women, all active in the world of design and/or communities. 
This body aims to help the school to remain connected to professional issues and fields as diverse as companies, agencies and territories.

Chaired by Pierre-Yves Panis, Chief Design Officer at Signify, it is composed of :

  • Régine Charvet-Pello: Designer -
    DG rcp global design /certesens

  • Bruno Aidan: Data Director and Plant Manager at Air Liquide

  • Agnes Kwek: Design Ambassador - Singapore Design Council

  • Charlotte Recorbet: Carrefour's Design Director

  • David Carvalho: Senior Vice President - Experienced Design at Pininfarina

  • Patricia Bastard: Partner - General and Business Development Director of the Yellow Window Agency

  • Jérôme Wallut: Partner at k-ciopé - UX-Tech-Data

  • Chantal Maugin: Director of the Experience Design Lab (xdlab)- Orange Group.

  • Paul Joly: Town councillor of Saint-Germain-en-laye, in charge of the The City of Tomorrrow

  • Antoinette Lemens : Founder of the recruitment agency Lemens & Partner

  • Florence Bannerman: Director of the Innovation Mission at the Val d'Oise General Council

  • Matthias Hossan : Directeur du design Peugeot

the scientific council

The Scientific Council is made up of equal numbers of men and women committed to research in, by and for design.
This body is intended to shed light on the school's academic and pedagogical path.

Chaired by Frédéric Vidal, University Professor, Vice-president for Research at CY Cergy Paris University, it is composed of :

  • Cynthia Fleury : Philosopher - Professor (CNAM), holder of the Humanities and Health Chair

  • Pathum Bila-Deroussy : PhD - Manager at Tenzing Conseil 

  • Dorothée Browaeys :  Chief Executive Officer at

  • Antoine Fenoglio : Designer, co-founder of Les Sismo

  • Alexandre Monnin : Scientific direector - Origens Medialab, Professor @ ESC Clermont BS

  • Fabienne Munch : Executive Director – University of Chicago

  • Stéphane Vial : Professor - UQAM school of design. Chairholder of the UQAM Research Chair in Design for e-Mental Health

Conseil scientifique
ecole de design conseil scientifique
  • Sophie Pène : Professor – Université de Paris EURIP CRI

  • Catherine Ramus : Designer-researcher
    Orange Labs / Human and Social Sciences Lab)

  • Remy Bourganel : Designer, teacher @ SciencesPo Paris, & Umea Institute of Design

  • Aline Caranicolas : Head, Industry partnerships @ CEA

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