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CY école de design offers its students the opportunity to work on forward-looking briefs, from which they can explore bold, unexpected and creative ideas and turn them into reality.

Training global designers

The power of design

discover the power of design

From matter to decision, there's no subject that can't be tackled by designers.

Products, Spaces, Signs, Interfaces, Services, Organizations are just some of the systemic answers to the questions that all human enterprises ask themselves, whether they are private or public, profit-making or of general interest.

CY école de design can help you benefit from the power of design through its intense project-based teaching approach.
Every year, nearly 90 projects are developed at the school.
You can be one of them!


creating value(s)

Creating Values

If you entrust us with your projects, a group of around twenty students will work on your brief. Divided into groups of 3 students, up to 7 different issues and answers will be delivered. From questioning to implementation, from idea notebook to model, from concept to usage scenario, you'll inherit a wealth of material.
And, of course, it's all in line with the school's vision of reconciling the creation of value and the creation of meaning, with responsibility for today's and tomorrow's generations.


Workshop, short project, long project

Types of projects

There are 3 types of project to choose from.

  1. Workshop: lasts a full week. The brief is presented on Monday morning, and deliveries are made on Friday afternoon.

  2. Short project: lasts 8 weeks, allowing greater maturation of the subject, and more accomplished deliverables.

  3. Long Project: This lasts 12 weeks, and enables us to work in depth on the subject you have entrusted to us.


In all cases, the projects are supervised by a professional designer, who is your contact during the project, and who guarantees the application of the methodology.


they trust us

The trust us

Since the school opened in September 2021, no fewer than 180 projects with 150 partners have been carried out!
Join them! Contact us to join the club!

You can discover all our projects on the school's "My Memory" platform.

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