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The school

from matter to decision

Training designers of all transitions, capable of grasping the immense challenges of the 21st century - global warming, falling biodiversity, democratic crisis, economic crisis, health crisis - and contributing to creating the conditions for successful life experiences for each and every one, from matter to decision, from the product to the experience.

Manage, use, transform,
the world's resources
in a sustainable and reasoned way

Design and produce the objects,
systems, services and
experiences at the service
of each and everyone

Prepare, motivate and orchestrate
the best possible decisions 

Our promise

our promise :
excellence and professionalization

At CY school of design, we have two ambitions for our students:

1 - To give them the academic, cultural and political knowledge to enable them to grasp the complexity of the world.
2 - To professionalise them by equipping them with all the knowledge, methods and practices that define a designer in the 21st century, and to prepare them to take their place and act in human organisations

ecole de design pour le vivant
Design Mix

Design Mix :

an ambitious multi-disciplinarity

CY School of Design programme is highly multidisciplinary. Within the framework of a project-based pedagogy, its "Design Mix" is made up of the following pillars:

  1. Culture / Thinking / Writing

  2. Representing / Drawing

  3. Observe / Analyse / Understand

  4. Create / Resolve / Collaborate

  5. Doing / Experiencing / Feeling

  6. Understanding human organisations

  7. Becoming a professional

ecole de design
Close to corporations

The ambition of reality :
A strong link with the corporation

When one graduates CY School of Design, he/she is ready to integrate and invest in companies, communities or public services, because he/she has been confronted with the realities of human organisations for 5 years:

  • Most of the teachers are working professionals

  • 20 projects in 5 years, always associated with a field and a human organisation

  • 3rd and 4th year are embedded

ecole de design collectif
The 17 SDG

the 17 uNO SDG as horizon

It is no longer the time to train vertical specialists, but global professionals, capable of positioning themselves on the continuum from material to decision, and ready to join their very diverse talents for the benefit of projects that are always bigger than they are.
It is the human and not the technical stakes that are important.
We make this positioning all the more legible as all projects are motivated by the 17 UNO  sustainable development goals.

ecole de design
The University

the power of the university

CY school of Design is a school of CY Cergy Paris University, within CY Tech, its engineering Grande Ecole.

It is part of the CY Alliance, which brings together 4 Graduate schools and 13 Grandes Ecoles, including  ESSEC business school.

It therefore benefits from a unique multidisciplinary ecosystem for a design school and powerful promises of collaboration in the framework of the inter-school projects that are proposed to you each year. 

ecole de design universitaire
Tthe Campus


an exceptional environnement

CY school of design is part of the iXblue Campus in Saint-Germain-en-Laye, close to SciencesPo Saint-Germain-en-Laye, INSPE, SupdeVente and the international high school.

In a protected as totally secure wooded park , iXblue has created an ecosystem dedicated to innovation integrating Startups in AI, robotics, Biotech, as well as a Montessori school.

Built around a 19th century castle, reconfigured as a mini-congress centre, the campus offers numerous facilities, including a brand new gymnasium.

école de design campus
The territories

design at the service of territories

Design is at the service of people, design is at the service of territories. From Cergy to Saint-Germain-en-Laye, from Versailles to Sarcelles, there are 1,000 opportunities to provide solutions to real-life situations, in the field, at the service of all populations.

The local authorities of the Ile-de-France Region are therefore natural and necessary partners of CY école de design, in particular through the dozens of projects carried out each year within all its training courses.

école de design
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