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expert in
digital innovation & design

Specialized Mastère
Digital Innovation & Design

Training Expert  in Digital Innovation

Like electricity yesterday, but much more than that, digital technology is at the heart of all the products, spaces, services and experiences we live with, and even our emotions tomorrow. The Specialised Masters® "Expert Digital Innovation & Design" trains high-level experts capable of innovating by deploying the design approach, from questioning to the delivery of products or services, while integrating the imperatives of sustainable development. 

Discover the MSc Expert in Digital Innovation & Design

If you are a current or future IT engineering graduate and would like to find out more about our Specialised Masters® Expert Digital Innovation & Design, come along to our next websession by registering on our event page. Registration for the event is free.

Dominique Sciamma, Director of CY école de design, will present the MS and answer your questions online, a good way to find out more about our course of study.

Once you have registered, our admissions manager will send you the link to connect to the Websession on the day.

Our MSc

a degree accredited by the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles 

A "Grande Ecole" label

CY Tech and CY School of Design have co-signed this Specialised Masters®, which has been awarded the label of the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles.
This intense 1-year course is intended for IT engineers who wish to acquire the knowledge, methods and tools of design to manage complex digital projects for the benefit of all stakeholders, both employees and end users.

experts wanted by the market

The training has 3 ambitious objectives:

● To meet a growing need for consultants and project managers in the management of innovative digital projects,
● To perfect the skills of experienced employees, to enable them to join project teams and/or take on new responsibilities,
● Anticipate the growing need for specialised expertise, by constantly evolving, in partnership with major players in this sector.

Experts wanted

Design as a condition for innovation

Design & Innovation

Big Data, AI, networks and IoT are omnipresent in private, public and professional spaces, and structure our lives. Their place is bound to grow, and the ability of computer, electronic or robotic engineers to contribute to their relevant and responsible integration into the objects and spaces of our lives will be decisive.
In a systemic approach, it is a question of being able to manage a project from start to finish, by deploying numerous knowledge and tools within the framework of the design method, to identify and satisfy needs through products, spaces, systems or services integrating digital technology.

beyond "design thinking"

Beyond Design Thinking

The aim here is to go further than a simple exposure to "design thinking" by proposing a long immersion in the culture, knowledge, methods and tools of design, within the framework of an intense project-based pedagogy, in connection with industry. 
It is also a question of going further than what is covered by the term UX/UI (User Experience/User Interface), which is often summarised as the design of use and interaction through interfaces alone (apps & web).

This Specialised Master® proposes to train more in a systemic approach through design.

A unique multidisciplinary programme


General culture, representation techniques, manufacturing techniques, philosophy, human and social sciences, numerous projects with companies or local authorities, understanding of how companies work, and professionalization: these are the 7 pillars on which this Specialized Master® is built, making it a unique programme.

With a strong link to industry, 6 projects structure the training throughout the year (4 projects of 8 weeks, 2 workshops of one week) around the following themes AI, IoT, UX/UI, Responsible Digital, Social Innovation + a thematic project (Health, Education, Food, ...)

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