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CY école de design offers its students the opportunity to work on forward-looking briefs, from which they can explore bold, unexpected and creative ideas and turn them into reality.

Training global designers

The power of design

Discover the power of design

From matter to decision, there's no subject that can't be tackled by designers. Products, Spaces, Signs, Interfaces, Services, Organizations are just some of the systemic answers to the questions that all human enterprises ask themselves, whether they are private or public, profit-making or of general interest.

CY école de design can help you benefit from the power of design through its intense project-based teaching approach.
Every year, nearly 90 projects are developed at the school.

You can be one of them!


Executive Education

More than a discipline, more than a profession, design is a force for transforming organisations at all levels.
Experimenting with, integrating and practising the design method means being able to creatively confront all issues: leadership, innovation, facilitation, collaboration, creation.
It also means being better prepared to work through all kinds of transitions.

At CY school of design, we can offer you tailor-made professional training courses to strengthen and develop the talents of your staff.

ecole design formation professionnelle

apprenticeship tax: support us!

Apprenticeship tax

CY école de design is a public school with very low tuition fees, so that it is open to all.
We therefore need the support of companies via the Taxe d'apprentissage, which represents a significant part of our budget.
By giving us your contribution, you'll be helping to ensure that diversity finds its way into our school.



Contact us

Please send us a message so that we can get in touch with you and work together to find a solution to your request!
Isaac Francheteau, in charge of corporate relations at the school, will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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