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Corporations, communities and public services are the places where value creation, services and links are created.

They are also places of transformation and innovation in which design is called upon to play a very important role.
We propose to you to do so 

Training global designers

Become a partner

a question, a field, a partner

Each year, dozens of projects are carried out by our students on a question, a field, a partner.

5 months, 3 months or a full week: several modalities exist to work together on prospective briefs with a group of 20 students.

By questioning young people, by relying on the power of design, innovative answers emerge from this work, which you can then capitalise on.

ecole design partenariat entreprise

Executive education: change by design

More than a discipline, more than a profession, design is a force for transformation in organisations at all levels.

Experimenting, integrating and practicing the design method means being able to creatively confront all issues: leadership, innovation, animation, collaboration, creation.

It also means being better prepared to work on all transitions.


At CY design school, we are able to offer you professional training courses tailored to strengthen and develop the talents of your employees.

ecole design formation professionnelle
Apprentice tax

apPrentice tax : help us

CY school of design is a public school with very low tuition fees, in order to open it to everyone.

We therefore need the support of french companies via the Apprenticeship Tax, which represents a large part of our budget.

By contributing to our school, you will enable diversity to express itself in our school.

ecole design etudiants
Entrons en contact

entrons en contact

N'hésitez pas à nous envoyer un message pour que nous puissions prendre contact avec vous et étudier ensemble une réponse à votre demande !

Isaac Francheteau, en charge des relations entreprises de l'école prendra contact avec vous rapidement.

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