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There was a time when engineers were also artists, a time when drawing served a purpose, when sensitivity was invoked as much as rational knowledge.

We must return to those "Leonardic" times and train engineers who put their scientific knowledge at the service of successful and lasting life experiences.

Training global designers

a math-IT/design double degree

Double Degree

CY Tech and CY design school are co-signing this double degree in Computer Science Design Engineer.

This 6-year course will train engineers capable of putting highly specialised computer knowledge and methods at the service of the design of objects, systems, interfaces, spaces, services and useful, successful and beautiful experiences, the ones that our lives, more than ever digitised, deserve.

The programme will welcome its first 40 students at the start of the 2021 academic year on the Cergy campus.

ingenieur designer
Digital & Responsible

towards a responsable digital future

The digital revolution is still going on and its impact on our private and public, intimate and professional lives is growing every day. So is the impact on the planet and the environment.

We will have to find the right path and put these technologies at the service of each and every one of us, with respect for life and the planet.

How can we imagine new objects, new services, new experiences, capitalising on ever-expanding and responsible computer knowledge?

This is the whole purpose of this double degree.

ingenieur designer
An initlmate blend

An intimate blend

The double diploma in Design Engineering is not the simple addition of modules from the two courses, but rather an innovative course where the requirements of the CTI's scientific apprenticeships are respected. Mathematics, computer science, physics, French, LV1, no dead end is possible.

At the same time, human sciences, drawing, volume, art culture and problem solving methods are approached within the framework of a pedagogy based on systematic projects, always centred on the human being.

ingenieur designer leonard de vinci
A project driven pedagogy

a project based pedagogy

In this double degree, you will always learn by doing, through projects that are always associated with a challenge, a field, and often a company.
All these projects motivate the acquisition of fundamental scientific knowledge, but also those from the human and social sciences. 

They are also the place where the design methodology is implemented, which then gives meaning to all this knowledge, creating the condition for strong and creative commitments.

The link between concepts and life is the condition for growing as a professional and as a human being.

ingenieur design

Détail du programme de double-diplôme par piliers

Programme détaillé

Structurer / Analyser / Comprendre

  • Outils mathématiques

  • Algèbre linéaire et bilinéaire

  • Optimisation Linéaire 

  • Analyse

  • Intégration

  • Série

  • Probabilités

  • Statistiques

  • Théorie de l’information

  • Théorie des graphes et complexité

Se Cultiver / Penser / Ecrire

  • Histoire de l’art

  • Histoire contemporaine  du design

  • Histoire des idées politiques

  • Cultures technologiques

  • Cultures du soin

  • Cultures des sciences

  • Cultures de la complexité

  • Histoire de l’écriture

  • Ecritures créatives

  • Ecritures narratives

  • Méthodes de recherche documentaire

  • Ecritures de recherche

Faire / Expérimenter / Ressentir

  • Ateliers de fabrication

  • Ateliers VR/AR/IoT

  • Atelier Design sensoriel

  • Atelier Maquettes

  • Atelier Matériau, Matière, Energie

  • Codage / programmation

Créer / Résoudre / Collaborer

  • Histoire des théories du design

  • Méthodologies du design (et d'ailleurs)

  • Gestion de projet

  • Sciences de l’ingénieur

  • Méthodologies créatives

  • Intelligence collective

  • Management interculturel

  • Projets Longs (14 semaines)

  • Projets courts (8 semaines)

  • Workshops (1 semaine complète)

Comprendre les organisations

  • Créer/Entreprendre

  • Anticiper

  • Diriger/Leader

  • Gouverner

  • Animer

  • Organiser

  • Partager

  • Financer

  • Produire

  • Vendre

  • Communiquer

Modéliser / Calculer / Générer

  • Algorithmique et programmation

  • Operating systems

  • Commande Unix

  • Réseaux

  • Programmation web dynamique

  • Programmation mobile

  • Programmation logique

  • Programmation fonctionnelle

  • Développement Distribué Java

  • Architecture et programmation parallèle

  • Programmation C++

  • Programmation systèmes et réseaux


  • Perspective

  • Sketches

  • Peinture/Couleur

  • Illustration/croquis

  • Modèle vivant

  • Typographie

  • Graphisme

  • Sculpture

  • Story Boarding

  • Mind mapping

  • Facilitation graphique

  • Cartographie sensible

  • Photographie

  • Photoshop

  • Illustrator

  • InDesign

  • 3DS Max

  • Première

  • After Effects

  • Codage

Observer / Comprendre avec les Sciences Humaines

  • Philosophie

  • Anthropologie

  • Sociologie

  • Ethnographie

  • Sémiotique

  • Economie

  • Science Cognitive

  • Psychologie

  • Sciences Politiques

Se professionnaliser

  • Anglais

  • Communication orale

  • Communication Visuelle, Book

  • Le corps à l'oeuvre

  • Accompagnement professionnel

  • Ateliers collectifs

  • Coaching individuel

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